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The health trip of the grandfather Instagram is the favorite of the Internet


There are hundreds of Instagram pages to help you lose weight. Be it helpful recipes, motivational quotes or before-and-after photos, there does not seem to be any shortage. Each of these sites is unique in its own way, but a fitness site has attracted a lot of attention in recent months.

86 And become strong

When sixty-six-year-old British resident David Cyril decided to lose weight, he thought it would be a good idea to share his trip through Instagram. His side was supposed to track his weight loss with a positive and inspirational message.


After suffering a heart attack on September 26th, David created the page and immediately went to work. Through the help of his daughter, David told how he wanted to work unsuccessfully for years.

A positive approach

Undeterred by his failure, Cyril posted several pictures documenting his journey. There are pictures of him smiling broadly as he eats healthy food, prepares meals and gives instructions for cooking.

Bored Panda

Throughout his journey, Cyril has lost a total of four and a half pounds or a stone. With the help of his followers and his constant diet and exercise regiment, he hopes to lose a total of three more stones or nearly fifty pounds.

Thousands inspire

David's journey not only made him responsible for losing weight, but also inspired others on Instagram. With a flow of over one hundred thousand people, David has a whole host of followers.

Bored Panda

With his combination positive contributions and alike positive Message, it is no wonder that the Internet is in love with him. With no signs of stopping and his continued posts promoting his healthy, fun lifestyle, there seems to be no end in sight of what David can do with his life.


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