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The highest paid star of YouTube is only 7 years old


You do not have to be a top athlete or have a long career to be a hunchback. The highest paid star on YouTube is Ryan Toys Review, which has earned $ 22 million over a 12-month period. While YouTube stars do not make a lot of money, Ryan's age is unusual. He is only seven years old.

Who is Ryan Toys Review?

Ryan Toys Review is just your 7 year old who loves to open toys. He has collected over 17 million subscribers since his parents created his account for him in March 2015. In recent years, his videos have generated 26 billion views.


Ryan thinks he's so popular on YouTube because, as he says, he's "entertaining and funny". Most of Ryan's revenue comes from sponsored contributions; It is known that some of the games in his channel are sold out immediately.

The highest paid stars from YouTube

Although Ryan is the highest paid of all influencers on YouTube, there are others who make millions of dollars. One of them is Dude Perfect; You can recognize them by their trick-shot videos, which earned them $ 208 million in 2018. The five-member crew has reached 175 million views in their channel.


Not far behind both is Markiplier, who has earned $ 17.5 million. The native Hawaiian launched his YouTube channel in 2012, where he played PS4 video games with his live commentary. With 10 billion views, a tour of North America, seven-digit brand deals, and a high-end leisure line for gamers, Markiplier earns more than his livelihood with what he loves.

Generate revenue

The highest paid stars on YouTube are not dependent on views for their income. More and more they are developing merchandise as source of income, Almost all stars are in their 20s and 30s, with some notable exceptions for top earners, and they have used goods as a planning base for the future.


For some, they build a bigger empire. For others, they still find it out and enjoy their millions of entertainment fans,


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