The hilarious reason why Blake Lively could divorce Ryan Reynolds

The actor couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have a lot to talk about. Apart from several hit movies under each of their belts, they have two beautiful daughters and a rather weird public couple personality. Ryan regularly jokes about his family life, but his last comment? Funny and yet relevant.

Papa Daycare

The Hollywood couple has two beautiful daughters, 3-year-old James and 1-year-old Inez.

Vanity Fair

During a break after his last hit Deadpool 2Ryan watched the girls while Blake is on set for her next movie. Only there is a problem.

Deadpool surrender

During one Deadpool Panel at Comic-Con, Ryan revealed what he was really up to when he watched the girls. And Blake could not agree with him.

Hindustan times

"Do you do that thing where you look, like any movie by Quentin Tarantino? I've already done that," Reynolds said. "My wife has made a movie overseas, so I have a lot of time to pretend to watch the kids and she'll probably file divorce papers when we speak."

The funny couple

This kind of playful humor is nothing new for the two stars who have been married since 2012. Ryan often jokes about his new life as a dad on Twitter. "My daughter loves to be buried up in the sand on the beach, her little face lit up when I come back to fetch her the next day," Ryan tweeted last July. Very funny, Ryan. Fortunately, Blake seems to believe that as well.


In June, the starlet made a joke about cheating her husband with co-star Anna Kendrick is Instagram. "@ senendrick47 is the hotter, female version of my husband … so, would it really be considered a scam?" Blake said. It's good to know that the jokes come from both sides of this power pair. Now stop frightening us disintegration Rumors, please!


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