The hilarious stunt of the dog to steal his smile of the human brings the grin

Dogs have a weird way of getting into trouble that's hard to imagine. They also love to find the items that you have hidden to bake them and bury them as their own. But what should you do when you wake up and find that your dog has stolen your smile?

A spoiled, sugar-coated puppy

Little Maggie, a mix of Shih Tzu and Chihuahua, is no stranger to luck. The puppy lives with Twitter user Eunice and her dad in Long Island, where she gets plenty of room for her massive personality. She is as revered by her owners as she is spoiled, and her cuddle sessions are second to none. However, Maggie can also be quite the troublemaker.

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Maggie's stubborn personality

With such a big shot, Maggie gets into trouble from time to time. But how much chaos can a little puppy cause? Well, last week, she almost scared Eunice's dad to death with a strange new grin she got in her sleep.

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One day became a nightmare

Eunice's dad has dentures and a couple of months ago, he was very annoyed. When he decided to lay down for a day, he decided to take them and leave them within reach. But when he grabbed his teeth and grabbed them, they were nowhere to be found. But when he got up to look for them and meet Maggie, it was clear who the culprit was.

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Maggie's strange new expression

Hidden under the living room, Maggie had her whole prosthesis in her tiny mouth! It produced a hilarious, cartoon-like smile on the tiny canine. Of course, Eunice's father laughed at the whole situation and quickly sent photos to his daughter. After taking a look at the photos, Eunice could not help but share them with her followers, who found it as funny as they did!

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Take his teeth back

At the end of the day, Maggie did not seem to regret her decision in the least. Everyone had one Good laugh over it, so really, what was done? But we have determined it hope Poor Eunice's father invested in a gnarled denture wash to get rid of Maggie's drool!

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