The incredible rescue of a man and his parrot

Emergency teams find themselves in many crazy situations again. While many are equal for the course, some are much more memorable. What started as a regular day could cause them to handle a crazy accident before they know it.

A simple trip to the park made a turn

It was unlike any other call to action that the Belleville Fire Department of Belleville, Ill. Had ever seen. Earlier this month, 66-year-old John Crawford was stuck in the mud after trying to save his beloved parrot Amigo.

Amigo parrot

When he introduced Amigo to a couple in Bicentennial Park, the parrot had flown into a recently dredged lake and got stuck. Crawford noticed that the parrot was in distress and quickly followed him to rescue his feathered friend. The mud, thick and watery, looked like a quicksand and let Crawford sink, leaving him deep in the depths with no way out. The couple jumped into action and immediately called 9-1-1.

The rescue team was shocked

The fire department came quickly into the park and into a very special rescue mission. With the bird lying comfortably on Crawford's shoulder, the firemen could drag the man out of the mud with the help of a ladder, and they entered the muddy water themselves. It was not long before Crawford and Amigo were safe and sound. The Bellevue Fire Department described the mission as "dangerous and unusual" and reported that both the man and the parrot were safely rescued and needed no additional medical assistance.

Belleville Fire Department

Fire Chief Tom Pour was impressed by the parrot and said, "This was a pretty tame pet, and he was more than happy to stay on his owner's shoulder and drive the whole way back to shore."

A scary day with a happy ending

Crawford was grateful for the couple's 9-1-1 and called for their quick response for the Belleville Fire Department Call to action and successful rescue. Amigo is a happy parrot To have an owner as dedicated and loving as Crawford.

Belleville Fire Department

Because of the courage, diligence, and creative thinking of everyone involved, this story has a happy ending.


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