The interesting strategy of the Wheel of Fortune Candidate helps everyone to win

TV shows attract some interesting people. The stranger is the competition, the stranger of the people who want to measure themselves. The audience loves it and the network loves the money they make out of it. Wheel of Fortune is usually a more intellectual show. You have to be pretty clever to solve these complex puzzles. Therefore, everyone in the audience was shocked by the strange assumptions of a woman.

An honorable episode

This weird episode took place during Veterans' Week. To honor all in service, all three fighters were or were in the military. That was a great game for me.

CBS television

The three candidates were Steve, Tory and Nura. The third candidate, Nura Fountana, seemed to be the clear winner. She earned more than $ 13,000 in the first few laps alone.

A turnaround for the worse

Unfortunately, Nura's luck came to an end. She started choosing strange letters during the round of speed, such as Z, Q, and X. This surprised the competition, since the usual strategy is to choose ordinary letters.

David Wolfe

In the end she lost $ 33,000. The winning phrase was "by agreement," which clearly does not contain odd letters. Spectators in the studio as well as at home were stunned by the terrible guessing games of this woman.

Everything is revealed

When the game was finally over, Nura showed her strategy. She did not want to win more money than what she had won in the first few laps. That made the audience question them even more. Who competes in a game show just to lose?


But Nura had a good reason to do so. She felt that all the veterans attending the show should go home with something. Of course, after I hear that, the audience forgave you weird acting, Her actions were honorable, after all.


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