The internet is starting to get their best & # 39; mom catchphrases & # 39; to share

Mothers seem to have the most unusual expressions and sayings. They are funny and sometimes they have to have good humor to make up for the chaos in their lives. In March 2019, Reddit users shared the most memorable sayings of their mothers. Can you imagine your mother saying these buzz words?

No mistakes here

Some do not want to admit they made a mistake. For example, Reddit users, NeverRainingRoses, shared a reminder of it, when her mother made a wrong turn while driving. She did not want to admit that she was going in the wrong direction. Instead, she turned the situation into a funny joke.

yesjoshyes / reddit

While NeverRainingRoses's mother is not exactly wrong, it would be easier if she admitted her mistake. At least she tried to be funny. We hope that the user's mother agreed with her child.

Mother knows the best

We should always listen to our mothers. They give the most helpful advice and "Mother always knows best." But sometimes her encouraging words are too humourous to take her seriously. The Council is becoming a new buzzword that should surely be passed on for several generations.

yesjoshyes / reddit

That includes this keyword shared from YesJoshyes. The Redditor's mother gave useful but funny advice. The catchword could also apply to several situations. Be always ready, no matter what. We hope that YesJoshyes will follow this advice.

Applies to everyone

Children tend not to listen to their parents. They often have to ask their parents to repeat what they just said because they did not pay attention to them. It happens to every parent and Iamhana shared a catchphrase that her mother invented for this exact situation.

yesjoshyes / reddit

It is clear that Iamhana did not listen to the conversation. It's almost as if the person's ears were not there. But this one hilarious Keyword is not just for kids. You could use this saying the next time someone listens to your funny story.


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