The most popular fashion trends from the year you were born

1st 1954-1955: Fit & Flare

In the 1940s, women's fashion trends focused primarily on benefits, as women found war work. The fabric was rationed and there were strict guidelines with regulations for everything from length to collar size. But that changed in the fifties. Designer Christian Dior has turned fashion upside down and created a new look: Welcome to the world of fit and flare dresses!

1954 fashion

Chaloner Woods / Getty Images

After the war, Dior's fabrics were voluminous and luxurious, and his silhouettes were tight at the waist. The designs were considered new and scandalous. You may have looked like an hourglass, but who cares! That's fashion! So next time you look at the "fit and flare" style as a conservative look of the past, remember it was extremely ahead of its time. And you can thank this fashion moment for inspiring the famous high-waisted jeans look later.


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