The New Zealand minister brings bicycles to the hospital

A New Zealand politician is living proof that women can do whatever they think. In one effective move, she actually cycled to the hospital to give birth after 42 weeks. The intentional decision inspires women not just in New Zealand, but around the world!

An avid cyclist

Julie Anne Genter, the New Zealand Minister of Women, likes to cycle through the city. Even when she learned that she and her partner Peter were expecting their first child, they still took time to ride. Not for strenuous trips, but enough to do some sports. When it came to actually giving birth, they did not know that their bikes would be useful.

Instagram / Julie Anne Genter

An unconventional journey

Julie Anne eventually reached 42 weeks of pregnancy and still had not born. Her doctor decided to get her and she and Peter planned to go to the hospital. But they chose one less than a traditional route. Julie Anne and Petter traveled to Auckland City Hospital because there was not enough room in the car for their "escort team". It was a descent, and the two came safely there. Then the real work began.

Instagram / Julie Anne Genter

Party of three

Fortunately, the bike ride brings Julie Anne into "the best possible mood". When she and Peter came to the hospital, the women's minister waited a long time for her work to actually begin. Her work, however, was nice and short. Julie Anne and Peter greeted a healthy boy and made her a family of three!

Instagram / Julie Anne Genter

Girl does

Julie Anne posted pictures with belly and bike on Instagram and shared her work history. The drive to the hospital attracted much attention, especially from female well-wishers who were impressed by Julie Anne's ride during pregnancy. Great attitude, "commented one user. "I love positivity, especially when it comes to medical issues Congratulations!" Another user added, "They are a beautiful example of the world and congratulations for your new baby."

Instagram / Julie Anne Genter

Riding home

Although the politician has ridden her Bike to the hospitalShe certainly did not intend to cycle after birth. Instead, she rode home with her mother and baby, while other family members drove the bicycles home. Julie Anne does not regret her ride in the least, because she knows she will be her last for a while. "I went to the hospital out of joy!", She wrote later Facebook, In fact, she plans to add a baby seat to her bike as soon as her son gets older so she can continue her rides!

Instagram / Julie Anne Genter


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