The reason of this 24-year adventure around the world on the weekends

Have you ever longed to travel the globe, but had no time or budget for it? As it turns out, you do not need any of these things to experience incredible adventures! The 24-year-old wants to prove that even people with little money and little free time can travel to fantastic destinations!

Elona Karafin: A low-income adventurer

Elona Karafin is a 24-year-old financial analyst from New York, but she has seen more of the world than most can fathom! The smart young woman has just graduated from college and survives low wages. However, Karafin spends her free time and weekends traveling. Although she does not roll in the dough, she is not one who undertakes short, domestic trips. Rather, the jet setter adventure all over the world!

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Karafins insanely epic journeys

Karafin has conquered exotic places like Iceland, Mongolia, Puerto Rico and Paris. She recorded the best of Amsterdam in two days; She approached the beautiful landscape of Bali in three. How many times she totters into the globe, you'd think Karafin would not have more than a few pennies on the bank. This is not the case. It's hard to believe how cheap she makes her trips!

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An incredibly low budget

After a miracle, Karafin has managed to keep all her vacations under $ 1,000! While most travelers spend so much on airfare and hotel stays, they've come up with brilliant ways to save, search for budget, and budget properly. On her blog "Elona the Explorer" she shares the best of her travels. But it also offers valuable travel advice, so that others can experience a budget adventure!

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Karafin's best travel tips

Fortunately, Karafin does not have her travel tips for herself. She is incredibly open about the best ways to plan an affordable trip! Karafin uses various apps and blogs to find the best deals on hotels and airline tickets. She also buys before going on any journey, including how much she will spend on food and tourist attractions. Yet affordability is their secondary goal. A life-changing event made Karafin experience the best ways to spend her time in a different light!

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Karafin's Past Experiences: Your Drive For Adventure

Karamin not only wants to prove that someone can travel on a budget, but also wants to experience adventure while she has the chance. After suffering cancer As a young child, she realized how important it is not to push opportunities aside! And thanks to her past, she even started a– to raise money for critically ill children. So far, Karafin's experience, creativity and motivation have certainly come a long way!

@ Elonatheexplorer / Instagram


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