The secrets hiding behind these perfect Instagram images

In the social media-driven world in which we live today, it can be easy to compare ourselves to the achievements of others. We see perfect pictures posted on Instagram and think that people really live their lives. However, these photos hide dark secrets – and some of them could even cost your life.

Filtering the bad absent

If you've ever used Instagram, you've used a filter. Some, however, go to the extreme. You will use complex paint tools to turn a brown, gloomy beach into a pristine oasis. An Instagramer, Chompoo Baritone, uses his platform to show how much a filter can change an image. It also shows us another tool that can be used to change reality.


Trimming the reality

Everyone follows this person on Instagram, who seems to have their life together. As you can see, her house is always clean and the children are completely calm. In fact, they just cut off all the bad parts. When you find that you are comparing your life to that of your life, remember that you are comparing reality to a fantasy.

Chompoo baritone

Strike A pose

Some of the most popular Instagram accounts include beautiful women. While they are fitter than an average person, they also use posing to their advantage. Fitness models like Sara Puhto and Iskra Lawrence can make her waist look smaller while enhancing other parts of her body. Although this is frustrating, it's not nearly as close as some social media stars would like to.

Sara Puhto

Timing is everything

Travel enthusiasts have the opportunity to perfect their time photos to make the attractions look more appealing. One Instagramer set out to prove this by posting fake holiday photos. Carolyn Stritch wanted to show people that everything is not what it looks like online. Although it is sometimes like that. And that can be a scary thought.

Zhu Difeng

Risk everything

As soon as you get one consequences is Instagram, the print is on. They have to deliver interesting and original content. To do this, some Instagramer risk their lives. For example Jackson Coe He fell to his death and tried to take a photo at the top of a residential building. While most people doing these stunts are not hurt, is it really worth the risk?



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