The truth was revealed about the mysterious woman

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night when someone rings your front door. But when you go to the door, you see a woman in a T-shirt and shackles. Then she disappears. Well, that really happened and the story became viral, but nobody knows what happened to the woman. So what exactly did happen?

Early wake up call

The residents of Lake Conroe, Texas, were woken up at 3:20 am at the front door to later learn from security shots that a mysterious woman carrying nothing but a T-shirt and shackles rang the bell at the door. She looked distracted and looked like she needed help. But then, seconds later, she disappeared from the porch.

Montgomery County sheriff's office

Now a viral story

The woman, now identified as a 32-year-old woman named Lauren, asked for help, but nobody knew where she was running or why. The story spread quickly in the social media, with many users sharing their concerns for the woman. History has remained a mystery for weeks … until recently, when the truth was revealed.

Montgomery County sheriff's office

On the run

The police have now confirmed that Lauren, a victim of domestic violence, has fled the nearby house of her 49-year-old friend, whom the police later found dead due to an apparent suicide. The woman was scared at the time and said, "I was not the man I knew." But if you want more details, try again.

Montgomery County sheriff's office

"Afraid for my safety"

Lauren has not revealed any further information about the events before her escape. She said, "I do not want to deal with the details of this evening except to say that I was very worried about my safety."

When no one was helping her, Lauren returned home to talk to her friend before he killed himself.

ABC news

"I have forgiven him"

What is most surprising now is that Lauren forgave her deceased person friend, She spoke to him before him Committed suicideand she forgave him.

"I forgave him long before he left and loved him," Lauren said. "I know that he too has forgiven me and loved me, I know that I'm getting too short every day, but I hope I'll continue to choose to be loved, and I hope for all of us. "

Montgomery County sheriff's office


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