The ultimate lip color based on your zodiac sign

Listen, it's pretty clear the astrology trend is continuing. Nowadays, it seems that horoscopes and zodiac signs literally tell you everything about your life, your character, and what you should not or should not do. Not only can you find out what your dream job is based on your zodiac sign, you can also find out who you should be friends with, who up to what, what kind of vacation to take and what to wear. Honestly, the makeup based on your star sign looks pretty innocent at this point, so why not?

Aries is a very self-confident character, people born under this sign are usually born leaders. They are also pretty lively. They are not afraid to take risks. If there is a person who can undress easily fat black Lip – it's Aries.

Taurus is a land mark, so we think that earthy tones best suit him. They are usually pretty practical in their approach to life and they are reliable, you can always trust that they have your back. We think earthy brown The lipstick will suit you well, or a metallic brown for special occasions.

Gemini are very young in heart, tend not to lose this youthfulness and childlike curiosity throughout their lives. They are charming and friendly and caring, so we think Baby pink would suit you best.

Cancers are elegant people. You would never go for a bold lip because it's just not in their nature to make a scene. They are intelligent and elegant, so we think little nude Lipstick, near her actual lip color – is the best color for her.


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