The YouTuber experiment provides a warning story about the trend of henna freckles

Naomi Jon is a YouTube member who became famous through make-up tutorials and other beauty videos. She is no stranger to try new things. In fact, she dyed her hair in neon orange. Fans can follow the happy GoTuber, what works and what does not. Naomi became viral for a hilarious video in which she tried to give henna freckles (and failed).

A great idea

Naomi had the idea to try out henna freckles when she saw a video that @uglysxegirl had posted on Instagram. The Instagrammer rubbed the carrot oil in the face, freed freckles with freckles, and wiped them with olive oil.


As it turned out, Naomi and the Instagrammer actually lived close to each other. They had to demonstrate each other personally, and Naomi got some insider tips on how things work. Naomi did not follow the suggestions exactly.

A not so great result

Naomi used red henna instead of the proposed dark brown. She also rubbed in a heavy moisturizer before applying the henna. What were they Results?


Naomi's face was covered with bright red "freckles". She tried to remove the glowing dots with a make-up remover, but it did not work. She wore several layers of concealer and foundation, but the bright red freckles were still visible.

Finally … success!

Maybe Naomi is a culprit. The wife of Instagram (@uglysxegirl) saw her fail video and offered more help. This time Naomi followed the instructions. Although she was much more nervous this time, it was worked!


What went wrong the first time? First, she used red henna instead of brown. The moisturizer allowed the henna to soak in it skin instead of just dyeing it. Olive oil is one of the few substances that henna removes. What ambitious beauty achievement will Naomi Jon make next?


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