There’s A Disney Villain Jewelry Line And Ursula Would Be So Proud

Everyone has a favorite Disney Princess. But some of the more interesting, complex, and overlooked characters are actually the villains. Recognizing this, RockLove Jewelry and designer Allison Cimino decided to create a line of unique yet stunning pieces of jewelry inspired by some of the greatest Disney movies, including Snow White, Alice and Wonderland, and The Little Mermaid.

Snow White’s Poisoned Apple Ring

This sterling silver ring features gold hands cradling the ominous blood red apple that Snow White’s Evil Queen dipped into her cauldron of poisonous potion. If you’re a fan of the dripping skull pattern showcased on the ring, RockLove also created a matching necklace with the same design.

RockLove Jewelry

The Evil Queen’s Dagger Heart Necklace

The poisonous apple isn’t the only iconic symbol that represents the insidious character of Snow White’s Evil Queen. There is also the Dagger Heart, showcased in this necklace. It’s a red crystal heart with a gold dagger shot through it, inspired by the part in the fairytale when the Queen asked the Huntsman to kill Snow White and bring back her heart.

RockLove Jewelry

Alice In Wonderland’s Painting the Roses Red Ring

If you’re a fan of Disney villains, you probably remember Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts. In one scene, the Queen’s card soldiers sing “Painting the Roses Red” and explain to Alice they are painting the flowers to cover up their mistake of painting them white— an accident the Queen ends up beheading them for.


Alice In Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat Ring and Earrings

Another unforgettable character from Alice In Wonderland is the Chesire Cat and, perhaps more specifically, his bold pink and purple stripes and eery grin. Fans of this classic character are sure to love these Chesire Cat pieces designed by RockLove Jewelry. It is available in either a ring or earrings.

RockLove Jewelry

Little Mermaid Ursula’s Shell Necklace

This sterling silver sculpted and yellow gold necklace pay’s tribute to one of Disney’s most memorable villains, Ursula from The Little Mermaid. The locket features a shell pendant with nine, sterling silver music notes linked together spilling out of it— which, of course, represent Ursula stealing Ariel’s voice.

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