These kind-hearted firefighters rescued an unlikely animal

Fire Marshal David McCain and firefighter Jobeth Holmes, two firefighters from Richburg Fire-Rescue, South Carolina, were in the engine room of their fire station one hot morning when they noticed a figure on the ground. As they approached, they saw a small, emerald-green hummingbird lying on the concrete that could not move. They knew they could not leave them there and that they had to do something!

Hummingbirds are common here

Hummingbirds migrate to South Carolina at the end of March and stay until mid-October. They rely on nectar of flowers and hummingbirds to live and have to eat every few hours to stay alive.

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They have a fast metabolism to keep up with their fast flying. If a hummingbird is stuck where it can not access food, its life is in danger.

Discover an exhausted hummingbird

In the morning, firefighters spotted the little hummingbird in their engine compartment, it was hot and they knew it was in trouble. This was not the first time they found a hummingbird in the bay, and they knew exactly what to do.

Facebook: Richburg fire rescue

They took the lid of a water bottle and made a mixture of sugar and water for them. Then they sat on the floor and encouraged them to drink.

Firefighters save the day

McCain, Holmes, and several other members of the firefighters sat around the hummingbird, feeding their nectar until it was ready to stand. They knew that she would need all her strength to fly back on a day that was sure to be a hot day.

Facebook: Richburg fire rescue

So they encouraged her to drink enough and then some. After all, she was strong enough to fly away and search for more nectar. hummingbirds However, they are loyal, so they will probably return to visit the species fire Department who saved her life. Let's hope she is not trapped in the bay again. But when she does, we know that she will save her again.


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