These pictures of different types of dads will make you want your call

Photographer Giedre Gomes makes beautiful portraits of families, and especially children, that look exactly the way you would design and hang them on your coat. She has recently become viral for a photo series that was a pretty big departure from her usual genre. It showed images of mothers in their everyday lives trying to take care of their children and keep their lives running. Anyone who has ever caged a bunch of kids under the age of ten, recognizes that moment on the toilet, sacrificing privacy: Or maybe multitasking in the kitchen: For Father's Day, Gomes wanted a new series to a post she wrote for Bored Panda.
"Now that I am a mother, I watch my husband, the husbands of my friends, and see how they deal with their children," she writes. "I'm starting to compare them to my own father, it's funny how different they all are, but in the end, they love their children unconditionally."
Gomes was trying to take a snapshot of all the dads she knows, sharing some of the humor, work, and fun of being a dad.

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