These women show what kind of bride to be

Your BFF is getting married and you could not be happier for her. She asks you to be a bridesmaid and you are honored. Nothing will get in the way of a magical day that you two will treasure for the rest of your life … until it sets your friendship and its chill on its way and becomes an absolute incarnation of Bridezilla. Suddenly, the mere thought of the wedding scares you and every time the bride's name appears on your phone, consider ignoring the text. What do you do?
Take a deep breath and remember that this madness is only temporary. Just try to remember all the good times. But now and then a legitimate bride takes her big day to new levels of extra. It might be time to say, "I do not know!" and unplug it, which could have turned into a poisonous friendship.
A recent AskReddit had bridesmaids stories of the worst brides they encountered. These 10 brides were absolutely bound to be sour grapes – no matter what their bridal showers did for her on her special day. This careless bride, who did not bother to recognize the person who actually helped her.
My girlfriend, the bride, asked me to be her maid of honor. She had asked her to be another friend, her mother of honor. I expected to do everything because the matron was pregnant (maybe 4 months or so). I was young and stupid, so I went through it. Was asked to plan the shower and asked for a list of people who should be invited. They all invited and hardly anyone came. I bought all the food and decorations while the matron was sitting around doing nothing to help. She offered no penny or help.
Later I was told that I did not do this great job because certain people were not there. They were not on the invitation list.
On the wedding day, the bride gets hair and make-up with the housemother in a chic salon and I have a friend of the bride come to the hotel room to do that to me. The bride said the difference was that the matron had done so much for her.
We are no longer friends.
– SkooksiePieThis bride, who forced her sister to disguise herself like a stuffed turkey.
My sister was the bride. Since I was noticeably thinner than the other bridesmaid (maybe I was a UK size 6, the other bridesmaid was 16), my dress was padded and had several extra layers in my skirt. I looked absurd, in a massive dress with my skinny arms and neck in it, and I almost sweat to death, and the extra layers of tulle in the skirt became a massive fly trap.
– ConnieC60This bride, who was a secret homophobe!
Once, when I was a bridesmaid, I was told that while I was invited to the wedding, my fiancé was not. Why do you ask? Well, the bride did not want there to be a lesbian couple at their wedding spicing up their event. Yes, that's right, she thought that two women who were in a relationship at their wedding would be a bigger topic of conversation and that people would remember their wedding.
– Beauty dance
Complete this friendship immediately! It's one thing not to allow your guests to wear white, but to disintect a friend in love with the same-sex relationship because you feel distorted by their homosexuality !! ! I have no words …. This bride who bodyshamed her bridesmaid.
When we went shopping, she kept tugging me into clothes that did not work for my body. Not only did they not flatter, but that I would be the only bridesmaid to wear a bra under a dress and the bra was visible because of the neckline in the dress or whatever and the bride shrugged and said, " All right. "It was embarrassing and I felt like a stuffed sausage.
She also kept me clothes of size 8 (I'm 12-14) and when I said I could not fit, she said, "Wow, I did not know you were that tall."
I was the maid of honor. I have a nice, hearty, tear-eyed speech in which I made a joke about the bridegroom's mustache (it was awful and many people had asked in disbelief if they would keep it for the wedding). The joke went well, but after that neither the bride nor the groom hugged me or said thank you or something. They literally left the stage. Three weeks later, the bride's only comment was "When you said that I thought you were making a joke about mustache rides." Yes, because I'm 12 and also garbage …
She never thanked her for anything. Not even in passing. She was the most unorganized, most superficial bride I've ever seen. I've brought up the f-k and killed the girl of the honor game, and she has never pretended she appreciated anything.
– OH58B – chThis bride (and her groom), who let her cat all about her bridesmaid gift.
I was one of four bridesmaids. The bride mother did absolutely nothing and I felt obliged to give the bride a bachelorette party. I helped her with all the invitations and wedding favors. I even paid the Matron of Honor's costume because she could not afford it.
The wedding is coming and the bride talks a lot about not being able to do all this without the matron of honor. It's not even that I wanted recognition (to be honest), but I was stunned that MoH did nothing and was praised for it. It took me almost six months to get her to pay me for her outfit and I did not get a thank you.
I also made a queen size quilt for the couple and the groom said, "What have you got us again? Oh yes, a blanket." It was in her bedroom covered with cat piss the next time I saw it. They were idiots, and the marriage did not last two years.
– myystic78This bride who gave her the bridesmaid THREE HOURS announcement.
Decided to change the date of the wedding and told me no less than three hours before I asked if I would still come in, even though everyone else in the wedding party had quit one week.
– dmgbThis bride, who sent her bridesmaid to the poor house.
Financially she broke me. I would not have agreed to be a bridesmaid if I were told that I had to pay for the bachelorette party at the bar or that we would have to get her own. I should have just said no, so do not expect your friends to be just bridesmaids just because you want them there. It was already a destination wedding, so $ 2,000 will go out the window.
– mskelseybelsey This bride who is basically a toddler.
Was angry that I bought her no sex swing as a shower gift. She and her mother treated everyone like garbage in the shower. It was EMBARASSING.
It was a tantrum every time I told her that I did not have two hours to discuss the ribbons because I was at school [full time], work and have a three-hour drive. Like no time for anything, certainly not two hours to whine her about the tape.
It was annoying that she did not have a bachelorette after trying to get the contact details for everyone and she said no (that was before FB). I was not even MOH, technically that was not my job.
Forced to dance with that disgusting pig of a man for the dance of the wedding party, knowing that I have a problem with strange men touching me, and the guy stared openly at my breasts from the moment we met.
Charged the wedding party for the bridegroom to leave the reception and get drunk. Because babysitting is a grown man at his wedding, it's normal.
We stopped being friends afterwards.
– LustfulGumbyThis bride who had no fashion sense and made it to her bridesmaid.
She complained that the bridesmaid dress she chose was elastic at the back and she thought it would be good because I'm taller than the other bridesmaids, but all he did was emphasize my back fat – her words.
– ewoksrcoolThis gaslight bride.
My best friend was married last year. I traveled to another country for the wedding and went to her hometown. It's a super little town, but I've never been there before. Anyway, I arrived about a week or two before the wedding to help with last-minute stuff. I could not get there earlier because of work, but my friend was less than understanding.
To say that this woman was the actual, literal physical embodiment of Satan does not even do her justice.
About an hour after I arrived in her city, she approached me about how she did it all on her own and she did not help her, even though her whole family leaned backwards to help her plan, etc.
About a week after I arrived, I became ill. Like, Moctezuma had his mad revenge on me sick. I felt like I was dying, and she made a habit of calling me whenever she could. A few days after the illness, I slipped and fell over a marble staircase. I had to be bedridden the next few days and my girlfriend threw me out of her house.
So I was pretty sick and homeless in a city I did not know, in a country I had never visited.
Why did not you just grab me and go home, I'll never know, but her wedding went smoothly, I went to the airport right after the reception and did not see her again for another two months. She apologized and cried, but that was traumatic and I refused to ever be a bridesmaid again.
– HoosierDocLet tries a little bit of gratitude to the people who traveled the world to celebrate the US on OUR special day. Hmmm?

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