This battered dog could not be touched, now he does not stop hugging his new father

Neglected and in pain

The dodo

When Kong was first found, the 1-year-old boy suffered from a painful skin disease and sunburn. His condition was so bad that he could not bear to be touched. His white coat was so patchy that his pale pink skin was exposed. Little knew Kong, he would soon go home to his forever.

love at first sight

From the first moment Curtis Hartsell saw Kong, he was in love. "I looked through his profile and just fell in love with his single image and the description they put on the page," Hartsell said. "His foster mother described his temperament and personality and I described her life to her and she said we sound perfect for each other."

Good Fullness

A new name for a new life

Soon after the Kong takeover, Hartsell named him ZIB in honor of a famous space dog. "The original was just a lost dog running around the base, sending them into space for a successful flight," Hatsell Kong's new name said. "I felt that this was fitting with my ZIB because he was just a lost dog until someone picked him up and helped him to recover. Now he and I are together in the stars!"

The dodo

friends for ever

After the time together, ZIB and Harstell are completely inseparable. "I can not even begin to describe how much happier and more fulfilled I feel," said Hartsell. "Knowing that this poor puppy was once neglected and all he wanted was to be loved and that I would give him that love everyday, it's unbelievable."

Good Fullness

Good luck finally

Since taking over ZIB, Hartsell is not sure who technically rescued who in this situation. "I really feel saved by him and there's nothing I would not do for him," he said. "Our Life revolves around each other now and I would not have it otherwise. "

The dodo


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