This Bear-Faced Chocolate Pomeranian is NYC's most endearing art critic

Bertram of Pomerania is not your typical internet sensation canine. The puppy has many fans on the internet for his precious face, but he also rules the NYC art world. Just how did this abandoned bearded puppy rise to become New York's most famous and adorable art critic?

Bertram's epic internet fame

Bertram is undeniably one of the sweetest, fluffiest dogs on the internet. This bearish pup has garnered a lot of online attention for its cub-like features! In addition, the dog is a viral star and an avid art gallerist and critic in NYC. But Bertram's first weeks of life were not as overloaded as they are today.

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The rocky beginning of the puppy

When Bertram was only five months old, the breeder took him to an animal shelter in Oklahoma. The puppy was taller than the rest of the litter, and they were sure they could not sell it. But fortunately for Bertram, his dream owner rummaged in and fell in love with the cute canine. Bertram had no idea how luxurious his life would become!

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Treat Bertram's NYC Dream

Kathy Grayson made a long journey from New York to Oklahoma to pick up little Bert and bring her home. Little did he know about the lavish life waiting for him in NYC. Grayson owned an art studio in the bustling city and decided to open Bertram for a gallery that opened the next day. She had no idea how perfectly Bertram would fit in with the high-class, artistic crowd.

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A gorgeous introverted art critic

Since Bertram got his first impression of the art world, he has never looked back! The "introspective" dog was on "dozens of art fairs" from New York to L.A., according to Grayson. Now Bertram is a household name for New York artists and critics. Many go to galleries just to see the unique little puppy.

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Bertram's dedication to the job

Bertram's New York fans love the quiet, gentle and cat-faced dogs! Many people fiveArt fans bring their pets to galleries to play with Bert. Bertram, however, takes his work seriously. He is always ready to review and critique art on his viral Instagram account, @bertiebertthepom, At the end of the day, the once abandoned Bertram has become an essential, lovable part of New York City's art scene.

@ Bertiebertthepom / Instagram


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