This brave groom rescued a drowning teenager – during his wedding

There are not many things more stressful than trying to organize a perfect wedding. However, things do not always go as planned – especially if the disaster starts shortly before the start of the service. However, when a brave groom faced an almost fatal situation during his wedding, he did not think twice about taking action. He is in the ocean to perform an incredibly heroic rescue!

Zac and Cindy's biggest fear

The newlyweds Cindy and Zac Edwards are total beach fans in Alabama, but take the safety of the sea very seriously. The couple have three children of their own, and they make a habit of keeping track of how dangerous it is to go into the water on a particular day. On the morning of their beach wedding, the waves were marked as extremely dangerous. Of course, they knew that they would not jump into the water in their chic wedding attire – so they thought!


A frightening break for a perfect day

Zac and Cindy made some beautiful wedding photos on Alabama's spectacular Orange Beach just before the start of their wedding. They had no idea what disaster was just a few paces from their shot. But in the middle of their photos, they heard someone calling for help. What they saw when they turned around prompted brave groom Zac to leap into the action!

Dream weddings on the beach

Zac's brave leap into action

Out in the sea, Zac and Cindy saw a young man struggling to keep his head above the waves. Cindy knew that her brave groom Zac, who worked for the Coast Guard, was the only person who could really help the drowning man. She encouraged Zac to take off his shirt and swim out to get the teenager. But as strong as a swimmer like Zac was, Cindy did not know how long the two men could stay in the stony currents.

ABC11 / New Jersey State Police

An almost tragic rescue mission

Zac managed to grab a boogie board and paddle to where the teenager was on his way out. He pushed him onto the board so he could breathe. Nevertheless, they were almost half a football field away from the shore, and the rescue services were already responding to another drowning event. "The current was really strong and it prevented us from coming any further," explained Zac. But fortunately, rescuers came to their aid almost at the last minute.

Dream weddings on the beach

Rescued in time for the wedding service

Finally, the first responders fired the struggling duo to complete Zac courageous rescue. Cindy was relieved that Zac's near-fatal act of courage did not end in disaster. Soon after Zac's exploits, Cindy and he raced to theirs wedding in her wet, sandy clothes. Her ruined wedding attire certainly puzzled her guests. Nevertheless, they were both grateful that the brave groom had managed to save a life this morning and lived to tell the story.

Dream weddings on the beach


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