This clarinetist missed a huge opportunity because his girlfriend cheated on him

This clarinetist missed a huge chance because his girlfriend betrayed him. Love makes people do crazy things, but if you're a moment away from destroying your partner's chances in their dream of holding them on the couch with you, shout a pro instead. A Canadian man named Eric Abramovitz recently discovered that he had his chances on a prestigious occasion at a music conservatory, including a scholarship that was sucked by the woman who loved him.
Or at least she claimed. Buzzfeed reported on the Abramovitz case against his former partner Jennifer Lee when he finally unraveled the network of lies she had constructed to keep her together. Spoil alert: It did not work.
Abramovitz had spent most of his life auditioning at the Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles for his undergraduate degree. The spot was very competitive and the audition was exhausting. Abramowitz received a refusal e-mail from Colburn's clarinet master Yehuda Gilad from a Gmail account that seemed to be from him. But it was actually created by Lee, who saw Abramowitz's acceptance letter in his email before he did it.
AND IT WAS DELETING IT.Lee created the account to notify her former friend so he would never know of the opportunity of his dreams. She responded to the real email from Gilad as Abramovitz and said that he could not accept the job because he would be "somewhere else". You already know. With her. At the time, both of them were studying music at McGill. "I was deaf when I read the e-mail, I had to read it a few more times," Abramowitz told Buzzfeed. "When I found out that I did not understand, it was really hard to handle." I did not know that Lee had arranged the whole thing. "We lived together. At the time she was the one who was supposed to comfort me when I found out," he said. "It's really sick now that I look back on it." In his fake email to Abramowitz, Lee offered him another place at the University of California, but he made the imaginary lesson unreachable. He refused to stay with McGill and graduate. Then guess what happened six months later. You have separated anyway. According to Abramovitz, it was because "things got too intense and some things just did not work."
What a surprise. Gilad is considered one of the greatest clarinet players in the world. Although Abramowitz thought he was rejected, he still wanted to find a way to study with him. He chose a place at USC after graduating from McGill, where Gilad also taught. Araamovitz says he felt embarrassed during his hearing, but then it was even stranger. Sgt. Clarinetist Eric Abramovitz says despite the betrayal of his ex-girlfriend , he is happy he On June 15, 2018 BuzzFeed News (@ AM2DM) could still work with teacher Yehuda Gilad at the end AM

"We [he and Gilad] He went into a room to talk after I finished, and he asked me what I'm doing here, "Abramovitz said. He said, "You rejected me, why were you here?" "That was very confusing because Abramovitz thought it was Gilad who had rejected him." I said, "Uh, no, you rejected me," and he meant "No, did you?" and we had this embarrassing exchange where we went back and forth and I thought he might have mistaken me for somebody else. "Abramowitz said," We got a job in the USC certificate, though not a scholarship. "Abramovitz said," Abramovitz, who was the first disciple of Abramovitz, asked Abramovitz, "Why did not you study in Colburn when you had the opportunity?" Afterwards, Abramowitz thought, "There must be something I do not know when everyone thinks He got in." He dug up the old "rejection email" and confirmed with Gilad that it was a fake, and then it worked just to find out who did it. He followed his dream in Colburn and at first suspected that a clarinetist had sabotaged him. It took a while for him to start suspecting Lee. But then he realized how easy it would be for her: she had access to her computer and her passwords. But he also had her passwords. He tried to log in to that Gmail account, used passwords he knew Lee had used, and finally got in. "It was very Sherlock Holmes-y and we were so excited about our detective work, but it was also a stab in the heart and back," he said. He immediately informed Gilad and contacted a lawyer. After picking all that had happened a few years earlier, he immediately informed his professor, contacted Lee, and hired a lawyer. He was charged with "$ 300,000 in general damages, including reputational damage, loss of educational opportunities and loss of two years of potential income." At first she tried to deny it, but the evidence I had was overwhelming, Abramowitz said. "Then she blocked me on the social media and we only talked about lawyers." On Wednesday, Abramovitz won the case in a Supreme Court of Ontario, with an additional $ 50,000, which the judge for her despicable interference in Mr "Abramovitz's career." Lee was basically no defense for himself, which means that Abramovitz would probably win from the start. "A defendant who has fallen into arrears is to admit the truth of all the factual statements he has made." The judge wrote. Ambramovitz now lives in Tennessee, where he works as a performer in the Nashville Symphony Orchestra. Although all this ordeal was terrible, he still managed to become the musician he wanted to be. "It's very hard to know what would have been my way if that had not happened." But I'm happy and proud of myself myself, because I landed on my feet. I do not regret it. I've always striven to make a living with what I love, and I'm so lucky. "He will soon go back to Canada to join the Toronto Symphony Orchestra Be the saboteur." We are really happy, "he said," I would like to think that my judgment has improved a little since my first relationship. " He told AM's hosts that he still came to work with Gilad and was thinking about things, even though he considered what Lee did with the "Ultimate Betrayal." But he added, "It had two Years later at another school, which of course cost a lot more than Colburn would have cost, but luckily it was not all that bad in the end. to do. "
Trust in a relationship is a nice thing. But watch your back.

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