This fox and hedgehog can be the cutest dinner ever

Lucy Goacher has always been an animal lover. When she was a child, she collected animals and showed great affection for each one she met. But when wild foxes began to rummage in their pet food trays, she was a little nervous. And when a little hedgehog came to the party, she was as scared as the wild animals would react. What she saw next was incredible.

A dedicated protector

Since Goacher was a girl, she showed a craving for wild and domestic animals. If she found an injured bird, she would take him home to take care of it. If there was a small creature alone, she could not resist taking it so it would not be alone. Goacher's interest never faded, benefiting everyone when she caught the cutest food out of her house.

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It started with an adoption

Although Goacher did not make a career out of her passion for pets, she soon accepted fur babies as soon as she started writing. It started with two dachshunds, Hans and Bruno, and ended with a fancy cat named Libby. She was happy with her new little family until something seemed wrong.

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What's happening?

The small household seemed happy and healthy until Goacher noticed something uneasy. The three precious pets were getting thin, but their bowls were always empty. It seemed they were eating everything in sight, but somehow they lost weight. Was it a kind of illness? What can affect dogs and cats like that? One night she found out.

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A few creeping scoundrels

One night she heard shuffling in front of her house near the food bowls of her pet. It was a fox! She started to skip extra food, so there was enough food for all four animals, but to her surprise four Foxes Much to their delight the foxes were friendly to their own pets and they seemed to live in harmony for the months to come. But then another creature joined the party.

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An unlikely pairing

Foxes are known to be vicious animalsbut these four seemed to be playful and friendly. Then one evening while she was snapshots, little little hedgehog came through the hedges. Her excitement faded quickly as she waited for the foxes to attack, praying that they would not. Luckily, they let the hedgehog pass by and are now happy with it. So sweet!

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