This husband Photoshopped his wife's running photos in a hilarious series

Couples support each other in all their positive endeavors, and the couple Zach and Stephanie are no exception. Stephanie recently ran a 5k and won her division. This is no easy task, because as a devoted husband Zach has done a loving homage to her performance on Instagram: In the caption he wrote: "Stephanie did not only have to take care of my broken self, she continued to work full time. Take care of us Kids on, oh, and also WIN their division in a 5k this past weekend, I'm so proud of them and so thankful that you're the real MVP. "So nice! But there was a picture in the series, not quite like the others. Zach was so taken with the image of his wife running agony. He decided to run a whole series of photos of her before nightmarish scenarios and send them all to Reddit.
She escapes Voldemort: Running for her life in Jurassic Park: Escape with BB-8 and Finn: And with Tom Hanks's place in Forrest Gump: She even went to Pamploma: Incredible women's troll. You liked her so much!
And this meme was quickly picked up by another meme: Reddit users wanted to know how angry Stephanie would be on a scale of 1 to "she sleeps on the porch". It turned out that they were actually there together: things were carried away because Zach has some time in his hands when he recovers from the ACL operation. Also, because it's so much fun: The two support each other in illness, health and unflattering, but funny photos in the middle of the sprint: Love wins the race every time.

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