This Kid’s Brutally Honest Response To A Homework Assignment Is Too Relatable

Call it hipsterism, call it selfishness or call it extreme love, but there are some things we value and appreciate so much Knowledge of them becomes so valuable, you want it completely for you.

I remember I loved a video game for the Playstation so much when I was younger, when my then friend (who had an N64) talked about getting a PS and this game, I suddenly became very territorial and did everything in in my power to persuade him out of it.

It's pretty weird looking back now, but I really thought he could not appreciate the game as much as he did back then. Also, he had a lot of other games where he was good and liked to play, let the game be my what do you know?


As it turns out, I was not the only greedy kid who wanted to have a certain experience for himself.

When Twitter user @mum_reader decided to contribute her thoughts to the trend talk for #NationalWritingDay, she shared this wonderful homework from her son and was six years old.

People loved how passionately the kid loves his favorite book.

People wanted to know which book conquered his heart. I mean a piece of literature that needs to make something special for a 6-year-old who wants to read passionately.

And this is the bad guy. Judging by the title, it looks pretty great.

When it comes to sassy tasks, students have been providing endless entertainment for the Internet for a long time.

Like this kid who does not feel the need to explain himself.


Or hope here, who wants to call her rectangle Tedison.


I mean, the student is technically correct. If you want someone to follow the instructions you intended, make sure you write them down as clearly as possible. It's easy.


He is right when he meets defenseless animals.


Again, there is nothing wrong with these answers.


Who has thought about the feelings of the first cells? Hmm? Now this student could not have passed biology, but they have passed on empathy.


Now I would argue that the torso has a much exaggerated rejuvenation of the situation, but you definitely know what this student is aiming for.


This task is based on the opinion that the answer can not be technically wrong.


Moreover, this child understands that without love, governing the world is not a worthwhile endeavor. That's why it's number 3 on the list.

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