This kindhearted woman covered the edge of a quarreling stranger

While random act of kindness are some of the purest gestures on earth, most do not deal with big celebrities. However, this sweet old woman was fortunate enough to play the tab of one of the most famous country musicians in the world!

Ruth Reed: A rarity of kindness

Medford, New Jersey is lucky enough to call Ruth Reed a resident. For years, she has been a substitute teacher and a positive personality in the community. And the nice woman, along with her husband, made an incredible New Year's resolution last year!

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At first, Reed and her husband occasionally covered military men and women who saw at their local Wawa. Soon, however, they decided to make the habit more regular! Reed vowed to help someone with their weekly purchases. But she recently got the surprise of her life when she modestly gave a millionaire musician five dollars!

A heartwarming interaction in Wawa

Last Friday, Reed found himself in Wawa on Route 541 behind a customer who seemed to be struggling with his credit card. While he tried to solve his problems in the cash register, he could not run his card properly. He turned and asked the girl he seemed to travel with if she had a five-dollar bill. But Reed saw her chance to intervene!

Ruth Reed

Moments later, Reed offered to cover the gap and generously hand over his own money to the struggling stranger. The young man was incredibly thankful for Reed's friendliness! However, Reed quickly became suspicious of the stranger's familiar face. When he revealed his true identity, she was completely flat!

A surprising turn in identity

After introducing herself, she asked the man, "Do people ever tell you that you look like Keith Urban?" With a grin he answered: "I am Keith Urban!" At first, Reed could hardly believe whose tab she had just covered! However, she was still a bit suspicious that the stranger was nothing more than a doppelganger. Especially since her wife Nicole Kidman was nowhere to be found!

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After Urban pointed out his bodyguards and even brought Reed to him traveling companion– His sister – Reed was finally able to accept the incredible reality of what she encountered! "I just fell apart … and he was gracious," said Reed. After Reed helped, he paid $ 5 in Wawa's donation box. And he was more than happy to pose with the kindhearted for a picture Mrs who have generously covered the tab of celebrity!


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