This Mad Max-Inspired Festival Is Like Burning Man After The Apocalypse

20. Full Metal Jacket

Where do we even begin with this fellow? While soldiers are definitely known to decorate their uniforms with a few mementos here and there, everything about this look screams chaos and disorder. He’s taking true delight in all things unsettling and disturbing. Wasteland Weekend is a place to brandish your fake weapon. With a strict policy against real firearms (whether loaded or not), only non-firing, replica weaponry is allowed at the festival.

festival desert wasteland mad max

Tod Seelie/Wired

And just in case you needed a reminder of how creepy dolls and mannequin faces can be, look no further than this post-apocalyptic madman’s getup. This is definitely the first time we’ve ever seen someone re-purpose a troll doll for his hat. Who knew there were headhunters so close to Los Angeles?

Keep reading for more rare glimpses into the delectably deranged world of Wasteland Weekend.


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