This man built a mini-village for a family of mice

If you ask someone what they would do if they saw a mouse in their house, they would probably wince with disgust automatically. If you asked animal photographer Simon Dell, the reaction may look very different. When he found a small family of house mice, he built them a village!

How it started

Dell lives in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. As an animal photographer, he is often a fan of nature and its inhabitants. When he found a pair of house mice and his baby in his garden, he was fascinated by the cute creatures and wanted to find a way to take more pictures of them and their furry family.

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The construction begins

He tried to capture the mice in the movie, but they were understandably skeptical. To make her relax and leave him close enough for a photo, he built a whole house for them to solve their worries. It did not take long for the mice to settle and get used to their new home, and it's clear why!


The family area

When Dell started building, he was looking for a way to make the mice comfortable and protect them from natural predators. "Knowing cats were over the fence, I thought I would give them a bit more security, so I collected some logs and made them into a pile of wood," claims Dell. There is also a small pond and a tiny cabin; not too shabby!


A loving landlord

Not only did Dell make this exquisite mix for his new friends, he also gave them names. He thought it was adorable for George, Mildred and Mini! The four of them have become more and more loved, and Dell occasionally prepares a mouse party for a good neighbor, complete with their own cutlery!


Home Sweet Home

With parts of the house made from products such as fairytale sweets, Dell needs to change parts and keep them safe for the family. He also decorates for vacation and important football gamesto make sure the mice are as safe and happy as they can!



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