This man went big for his 100th birthday with an exciting skydive

Now people would be scared to death to jump out of a plane, but not this centenarian. He has her 100th Birthday ushered in an exciting parachutist adventure, which he will not forget!

The dive of his life

Robert "Stu" Williamson has come up with some pretty big plans for his centenary. He worked with the staff of his retirement community, Horizon House in Seattle, and planned to jump with a local company. Forty of Stu's closest family members and friends gathered to encourage him at Skydive Snohomish.

Rebekah Welch / The Seattle Times

Although Stu was a little hesitant at the beginning, he finally did and loved it. In fact, he called the moment vulnerable, but exciting. And he plans it again!

For the record books come

Stu wants to finally win the title of the oldest man in the world for parachute jump. The Guinness Book of World Records currently features Bryson William Verdun Hayes of Devon, England, with 101 years and 38 days as title holder. "If I live another [year] and two months, I'll knock him out of his place, "Stu confidently told Inside Edition.

Rebekah Welch / The Seattle Times

Although Stuart would lead the record to victory, Stu loves the feeling he has from parachuting. At age 99, he made his first dive, an exciting moment he just had to do again. It is all part of his plan to make the most of his remaining days.

Life to the utmost

As this skydive shows, Stu wants to enjoy the days he still has. Although he is older, he enjoys staying healthy by eating well and exercising 45 minutes at least three times a week. He also writes regular gulps of whiskey and a good sense of humor for keeping him around so long.

Rebekah Welch / The Seattle Times

Stu definitely plans it skydive but also some others adventurous Activities on his bucket list. Some of these things on the list include stunt planes, roller coasters and a glider. One thing is for sure. He will not stop his age from having a good time.

See Stu's great birthday party and dive!


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