This Michigan woman has almost thrown away a lottery ticket

Delaine Passucci is a happy lady. After initially having difficulty solving her lottery ticket, she wanted to give up and simply throw it away. Luckily, she gave the ticket one last chance – a move that changed her life.

Garbage of a man

After picking up her Michigan Lottery Powerball numbers and getting into trouble while trying to get her ticket, Passucci had just made it. The self-scanner would not tell her if her ticket was a winner, and she was ready to just throw away the ticket.

Best ball

She did not know that her ticket, which she would lose, was worth $ 50,000.

The annoying ticket

"I had some tickets for this Powerball drawing, and the self-scanner would not tell me if it was a winner," said Passucci. "I put the ticket back in my wallet and decided that I would scan it again later, and when I did that, the same thing happened, so I put it away."

Inside Edition

"A few weeks later, I bought my purchases from Kroger and I stopped at the lottery counter and kept scanning it, the scanner did not want to tell me if it was a winner," Passucci went on. "I was about to throw it in the bin when I decided the clerk scanned it for me, and when she told me I needed to go to the lottery office to get my prize, I realized I was too much for that Self-scanner had won to give me a prize! "

Hand back

Passucci said she plans to share her profits with her church and save what's left.

Facebook / Delaine Passucci

"It was a roller coaster since I bought this ticket! I thought I had a bad ticket … to find out that I had won real money, "said Passucci.


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