This new dating trend could be the uproar

It's hard to find someone. Even if you do, it's hard to commit. Dating apps make it look like there's always someone better out there, and you can just keep wiping until your thumb drops or you find them – the best person! Or are they? Swipe on! We have all responded in different ways to the invasion of romance. There are many spirits, circling, insistent. People sneak around your Insta feed, but do not answer lyrics. When you're out there, you know how confusing some of these interactions can be. Out of this turmoil, a new dating trend has developed: the situation. What's this? It's when you're basically in a relationship with someone, but you do not want to call it a relationship. Or maybe it's you who are afraid to put a label on it. But a debate broke out on the legitimacy of this trend on Twitter after a post by a woman named Raeven Bostic was released for xoNecole claiming to be in it The third year of a situation where Bostic writes that she has an unhappy relationship finished and posted on Twitter with an old friend. They live a few hours apart and when the feelings came up, they decided to make an appointment. But because of the distance he did not want to be a relationship. Three years later, and Bostic says she is very happy in her situation. They are not friends and girlfriends, they just hang out once or twice a month, talk about Facetime on most days, write, plan special trips and go home on vacation. But it does not matter if you and a potential partner do not rule out after four to six months, then Bostic is not sure if this situation is the situation she wants to be in forever; She feels it. In the meantime, many people have feelings for their lifestyle choices. Relationship Guru @Imani_Yvonne went into the concept of situation ships on Twitter. I really wish people would stop using that word. It does not mean anything, but I let someone cross my boundaries without responsibility, while still allowing them premium access to my time and my body. Https:// ActualBlackMermaid (@Imani_Yvonne) June 24, 2018

If you do, then the only one in this agreement is the woman. Men do not respect this kind of relationship. You can tell them that they have nothing to do, and they will find a way to give you less than that. – ActualBlackMermaid (@Imani_Yvonne) June 24, 2018

When I work with my ladies, the first thing I tell them is to remove the word from your vocabulary. It means nothing. I find that many women use this word to legitimize the abuse of their own boundaries.- ActualBlackMermaid (@Imani_Yvonne) June 24, 2018

And once they do that, the effort and what they have allowed before has changed completely and their time is respected. I understand that every woman does not want a relationship, but please respect her limits – ActualBlackMermaid (@Imani_Yvonne) June 24, 2018

It is true that not every woman wants a relationship, but if she walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then call her a duck, do you know what I mean? Many seem to think that the conditionship label is a free prison card if you are really in a relationship and would like to reap all the benefits of that relationship, but want to be able to do so if it is impractical.Niggas love situation ships because they offer free trial runs with the Get pussy and be treated like a friend without any form of commitment Maya Angelique (@MayaAMonroe) September 27, 2017

You will never have to beg, force or pressure someone to do anything they want to do.- Maya Angelique (@MayaAMonroe) September 27, 2017

Maya Angelique (@MayaAMonroe) September 27, 2017 Freedom with whom you want, what you want.

"Maya Angelique (@MayaAMonroe) September 27, 2017" I do not really want to be in a relationship with you, but I will dress you because I need entertainment and affection. "

But other people support the idea, and Bostic. If it makes you happy, what's the problem? Everyone thinks … half thinks they are in a relationship, probably in a situation .. SB (@ Phillysb386) June 24, 2018

As long as she is happy and aware of the elements, I do not understand why you are all so under pressure! The obsession with titles is STUPID anyway. Anyway – Madra Mwendwa 🇰🇪 (@mwendwa_madra) June 25, 2018

Some people are Poly, I wish I could be like that, let me live – Nacho Moon @ (@tocelynjucker) June 25, 2018

It seems silly to waste time on what other people do in their lives, but when you write an article about it, people will have opinions. Have you ever been in a situation? And, more importantly, did you know that this happened?

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