This optical illusion tells you how old you really are

Do you think you have a sharp mind? There is a way to measure how young or old your mind is, simply by seeing an optical illusion.

The eyes are not lying

They rely on their eyes to interpret visual information about the world around you. As soon as the light reaches your retina, you begin to use your eyesight. But, have you realized that you can experience age-related prejudices based on what you perceive with your eyes?

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It turns out that people who are younger notice things related to their age group that tend to ignore older peopleand vice versa. In a study of 400 participants aged 18-68, an optical illusion helped determine the age of the participants' brains.

Your brain age revealed

There is a familiar and often shared optical illusion that shows either the face of a young woman or an elderly woman. What your brain and eyes see first says a lot about the age of your brain.

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Younger people tend to see the young woman's face, and it's hard to spot an older woman. Older people tend to see the older woman whose hair is first covered with a scarf.

Understand the science

Ageism is really a proven phenomenon. And the optical Ilusion Helps perfectly to illustrate how people tend to age-related bias.

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The brains of humans tend to relate more to people who are similar to them. They easily discard information about anyone or anything they can not identify with and connect with them. This optical illusion can be used to explain why some old people just do not understand it or why some young people seem so aloof. It's just a matter of human brain nature and social organization.


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