This reality show was born in the happiest of relationships and it's not the Bachelor's degree.

So, it's not surprising that there are real TV shows that orchestrate human circuses of love, where individuals are exposed to refusal by members of the opposite sex, all for but how successful are the programs like the bachelor really to promote long-term relationships? Well, compared to another reality show, not too good. There are a few people from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette who are still strong after a few years. Trista Rehn, the first "Bachelorette", is still with firefighter Ryan Sutter. They have two children together after being married on December 3, 2006 (their ceremony was televised). Rehn says forgiveness is the key to her marriage. Couples from seasons 7, 9, 11, 12 and 13 of The Bachelorette are still together, and the season 17 pairs from The Bachelor are still an element as well. Even though the number of couples that are still together from The Bachelorette are much higher than those who met at The Bachelor, both shows still have less happy couples than another program, the less sweaty embraces of love and more with Sweat has to do. The biggest loser. Antoine Dove and Alexandra White have met the eighth season of the Extreme Weight Loss Show. It was a good day for her to be in the air, and she said yes. Marty Wolff and Amy Hildreth, who appeared in Season 3 of the show, appeared at a reunion show in September 2007. Marty dropped to one knee and threw the question to Amy, who said yes. Suzy Preston and Matt Hoover were the first couples from the series that have ever been strapped. Matt won the competition of season 2 and Suzy was the second runner-up. They showed up at the end of the show that they had a secret date, Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson were head over heels – that was clear to anyone who saw Season 9. It also helps that they enter The show is already dated. In 2010, Sam proposed Stephanie at the Biggest Loser Ranch, and the two were married in April 2012. Sam and Stephanie's marriage, however, were dissolved two months before the birth of their child, when Sam admits to having cheated on her throughout their relationship. So, The Biggest Loser does not blow The Bachelorette out of the water when it comes to relationships, but there are more people who have hit the weight loss program than The Bachelor, which, if you think about it, makes sense. When you perform at one of these "Love Contest" shows, you are hearing your best self. It is TV. You are not cursing yourself while sitting in a pool of your own sweat and feeling super unsexy and defeated. Nobody really sees you under pressure on The Bachelor or Bachelorette because you carefully choose your words and mannerisms to make someone think you're an attractive partner. Although it changes every season, the average percentage of bachelor and bachelorette couples finishing it is 83%. Perhaps all of this pomp and circumstance and brushing and designer clothing and "auditioning" is something that can not really be lived out once the veneer of the person you are creating fades. I have an idea for a reality TV show: Make hopeful bachelors and bachelorettes go through exhausting workouts, then let them talk to each other after they've had enough of everything and everyone. That would make some for an honest television for once.

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