This Russian city has just chosen its first "Cat Chief"

Well, I know what you think: What a glorious, imaginary position is "Cat Chief?" But who is the hero who rules the stray cats of the city?

Russia's epic cat lovers

If you think you are As a die-hard cat lover, you should take a look at the citizens of Russia! Believe it or not, Russia is the source of the most dedicated cat lover in the world. According to the Dalia Research Company, at least 59 percent of Russians own a cat, making them the best-stocked cat owner in the world. But how much do Russians value their cats?


To praise her feline friends

It seems that the safety and happiness of their cats are almost as much appreciated as their citizens. In the 1700s, cats roamed Russia's royal palaces to catch mice and were pampered to the utmost as a reward. Their royal status may be somewhat belittled, but they are still seriously involved – including the stray members of their society.


A uniquely cat-centered position

In a small town called Zelenogradsk, Russia, cats are extremely praised. They even built a massive cat statue and a museum to honor them! Recently, a new position has been announced: Cat Chief. The description Provide for the over 70 stray cats of the city. Believe it or not, nearly 80 people favor this crazy, cat-loving position. In the end, a happy woman took the role and did some wonderful jobs.


The dreamy job

Svetlana Logunova finally demanded the title "Cat Chief". To support her in her new job, she received a brand new motorcycle and a beautiful uniform. The fantastic Get Up consists of a chic hat, a bright green jacket and a chic bow tie. But even though she looks like she has everything under control, Logunova does not just care for the cats.


The community's efforts to cat care

The city has a budget for the care of the stray cats in their sweet treasure community, Logunova receives $ 85 a month to make sure the cats are well fed. However, the kits are expected to ride, caress and ensure that they feel loved. However, everyone is welcome to pet with and play with the cats they come across. These are safe with the cat-loving population of Russia homeless kittens will get a lot of love from the citizens!



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