This Sea Life Saving Family has an important message for the world

Andy Corbe from Australia one day boarded his sailboat with his family and drove to Belize. They enjoy the beaches and sea life every year and arrive just in time to avoid the busy hurricane season. Unfortunately, the tides bring a lot of garbage to these beautiful beaches. Not only the beach visitors are frustrated by the appearance of their beaches, also the sea life suffers.

A trashy beach

One morning, Andy and his family sailed to a small island called Moho Caye. The man who lives on the island keeps his side of the virgin beach by going out every morning and picking up the garbage.


When Andy and his family landed on the island, they ventured to the other side, where no one lives. There was little evidence of sand on this beach, and it was mostly covered in garbage.

Moving to new abysses

As they walked along another tiny and similarly garbage-filled island, the family noticed a red bottle cap move. In further investigation, they discovered that a hermit crab had claimed the cap as his home. They decided that they could not literally let the little guy live in the trash, so they took him back to their sailboat.

marine life

Andy Corbe

Andy's family offered the hermit crab a beautiful shell to move in to. It was not long before the animal accepted his gift.

A real home

With the hermit crabs in his new shell house, the family released him. Although they have shown good and changed the life of this one animal, the lesson goes much deeper. Throw-in does not only affect hermit crabs, but all marine life.

marine life

OC Muon hon blog

Andy and his family hope that their history of hermit crabs will show the impact of marine life plastic, They hope that people will realize that the use and rejection of non-recyclable materials negatively affects the planet and all who live here. Maybe people will think about using plastic or throwing it away carelessly in the future.


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