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This single mother could live Rent-Free for years


A single mother worried how she would pay the rent for the beautiful home where she and her children lived. However, an unusual crisis in America would surprisingly benefit for almost a full decade.

A unique living arrangement

In 2005, single mother Lisa Hardy worked as a broker for a company called Showhomes Property Management in Indianapolis, Indiana. Knowing that she was trying to fix her finances, the company allowed her and her children to live in a three-bedroom, rent-free house.

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Lisa knew she would eventually have to pay rent for the house. However, your company did not specify when this would be the case. A year later, Lisa was still rent-free. But then a huge financial crisis hit.

A mortgage

The mortgage crisis in America in the late 2000s hit the real estate industry hard. Showhomes Property Management struggled to dismiss Lisa and end the deal. Lisa knew she had to pay for her home.

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The mother stayed in the house waiting for a letter or phone call asking her to pay her. Nothing ever came. So Lisa just kept paying for the extra charges. Strangely enough, while other houses were auctioned around her, she was never. So she and her children stayed the way.

All's well that ends well

Nine years later it was as if the house in the city had been completely forgotten in the middle of the crisis, Lisa kept raising her children in the house and rescuing her money, That changed in 2014. The investment company CTL Group in Singapore bought the property. Founder Clara Tan Lisin had no problem with Lisa staying there as long as she could pay rent.

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Lisa and Clara negotiated a deal for Lisa to stay. Although she had to pay rent, Lisa was a little relieved that nobody would throw her out indiscriminately. Nine years in which there was no pension were pretty good, as long as it lasted!


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