This talented rescue dog rocks the internet and plays the piano

Dogs are better listeners than humans. With their sensitive audiences, they recognize higher-frequency sounds, easily recognize specific sounds and can determine the position of a particular sound. Of course that also means that dogs have the potential to be great musicians. Just ask Sadie's owner, the Edmontons. They had a place in the front row on their journey, from the rescue home to the bright lights of YouTube.

Who saved who?

The Edmonton family took Sadie out of their local shelter. Since then she has opened her heart to her new people. She explores new relationships every day and learns new tricks.

Wuff n Purr Pet Sit

Recently, Sadie was brought to the music. She starts with the basics and concentrates on the piano. Her owner has taken a delightful video of Sadie's ongoing work.

The Ivories tickle with two paws

In the video Sadie jumps to an organ bench and turns on the power with her mouth. Next she takes a graceful pose on the stool and puts her paws on the piano.

YouTube / RumbleViral

Halfway through the marmalade, Sadie makes a mistake and when confronted by her owner she covers her face with a paw. It's okay, Sadie. We all know what it feels like to be under pressure. She soon continues her song and finishes her performance with a graceful bow.

The dog career

The video of Sadie's performance on YouTube has become viral. Of course, music lovers connect to the Internet if they keep it real after a mistake and their natural finesse on the keyboard. She is a pretty big deal.

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Although she has received her offers from agents, she prefers to concentrate on writing Songs for now you do not want to neglect your other HobbiesThese include naps, chewing objects, and tearing off the blurry yellow covers of tennis balls.


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