This Woman Found Out Her Boyfriend Was Cheating From A Jimmy John’s Delivery Guy

There are some employees who look after a customer, even if it is outside his job description. And when it happens in the food service industry, this behavior stands out.

Food service employees are paid some of the lowest in the USThat's why it's almost always amazing when someone working at a fast food outlet does not look miserable in their job.

When do you have a fast food worker who pours your hot drink with so much enthusiasm?

While the excellent services are rare, there are still some people in the world who do not want to get in the way of a badly paid job in a mostly ungrateful industry to do the right thing.

Something this woman, Kayla, discovered when she ordered a Jimmy Johns sandwich to be delivered to her boyfriend. It was so incredible, she just had to share her experience.

It all started with a friendly gesture: she was supposed to bring her other important food while he graduated. They were in a long-distance relationship.

She let the clerk know that her boyfriend would be the one signing for the sandwich, as she would not be there.

She sent him to the text and let him know that the food was coming and that he should leave a tip, but he did not answer. Probably because he had already taken a nap.

Here it starts to get a bit funny.

She had no idea why Jimmy John would call it that. She bought the sandwich. Friend has completed the sandwich, transaction. No need for a follow-up call.

The driver wanted to confirm that the order was for her friend, which she thought was strange because she had given them the mistake earlier.

Then the bomb fell.

Obviously upset, nervous and shocked, Kayla had to make sure the delivery man saw what he saw. And that guy was indeed her friend.

He was. And Kayla was officially single thanks to Jimmy John's delivery driver, who was not afraid to speak out and inform them about the behavior.

Kayla was grateful to the sandwich franchise and made her "thank" her in all her tweets, thanking them for hiring an honest worker who had gone out of their way to tell them about the unfaithfulness to inform her husband.

People felt bad that Kayla had to find out, but they were in love with the story.

It made Giant Jimmy John's fans even bigger.

While others thought the call came from the deliverer from a personal place.

Really, I really recognize.

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