This woman live Tweeted two people who fall in love on a plane

Flying is often a nightmare experience made more by your riders fighting their own personal hell in their seat. It is rare that any good comes from this tension, but there is hope: There is a literally flying plane LOVE STORY on the internet and it gives us all the courage to dream again. Rosey Blair is an actress and writer who flew from New York to Dallas with her boyfriend. They asked a woman if she would trade with Blair so they could sit together, and she readily agreed. That's shocking. But even better, when Blair moved, she joked to her boyfriend that the woman might find love in her new lover. Last night on a flight home, my friend and I asked a woman to exchange space so we could sit together. We made a joke that her new partner might be the love of her life and now, I introduce you to this thread. – Rosey Blair (@roseybeeme) July 3, 2018

Blair and her friend followed with passionate interest what was happening in front of them on the square before them, for it seemed as if passionate interest unfolded before them. Blair shared many updates of the Rom-Com, which developed in front of their baffled eyes. At first it was a guess: though there were a few signals that these two hit it: And it seemed like everyone was invested in seeing these two work it out: Blair's followers were forced by the drama as much as they: And yeah, our two protagonists are hot. And obviously, he's a personal trainer, so you know that the hunkiness factor is not over the top: then came the beverage carts, which is definitely the next step in a surprising airplane date. According to Blair, they did not order drinks – maybe it would have gone further. But they shared a cheese plate. Can you imagine sharing food on the plane with someone you've just met? Then they started sharing family photos. That's like, third date stuff. I think time is moving faster in an airplane. To return to my thesis that flying in an airplane is hell, Blair explained that the air conditioning was nonexistent. It was hot and not sexy hot. So why touch that shoulder? Love, people followed from home and rummaged for the potential couple: Then there was a huge escalation: bathroom break, but then we came to the serious part of the appointment. You know, when you talk about what you both want out of life and if your goals are the same. Maybe someone is a talented fitness trainer who magically falls in love with on the plane – but he is unable to commit it. Better to find out before the plane lands, but the plane lands, and Blair and her friend follow them like two slinkers. We all had to see that this story came to an end. Blair also looked up the guy from the flight on Instagram and damn it. He really likes it. We may never know what happened to this couple if Mr. Hunk decided to prioritize Seat Switch Girl over fitness or not. But they may be online because Blair's Tweetstorm became viral. I think that people have to believe in love again. And we all enjoy hurting the privacy of people in airplanes. You are hell!

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