Three-minute rule parents should know

How much time do you spend daily with your children? Some parents spend time with their children after school, having dinner with them, helping them to prepare for bed, and then kissing them, good night. It's a routine plan, but a new psychological study shows that most parents neglect a valuable rule – the three-minute rule.

Wait, what's that?

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What is the three-minute rule? Psychologists recommend that their parents listen to their children for three minutes when they meet again.

Whether you pick up your child from school or were away for 30 minutes, it's important to kneel at your child's eye level and hear what they have to say. Look into her eyes and show that you are interested.

Why is that important?

Research shows that children remember their stories the first few minutes they see you. They are excited to share their stories with you, and they can feel if they are not interested in their stories.

Ignoring the three-minute rule will make your child not only neglected but also forget to inform you about the very important details in his life. You will soon miss everything that is going on in your child's life.

To avoid things

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The three-minute rule does not limit the time you spend with your child to three minutes. You can (and should) spend as much time as you like each day. The rule is to spend three minutes as you meet with your child to have meaningful conversation.

There are many other education rules that will take this into account strengthen your relationshipincluding engaging in activities that will benefit both you and your child, encouraging you to understand your child's stories and return to conversations later.

Show that you are interested. Do not fool your excitement. But most important, be there for your child. During her teenage years you will wish that you have those years back, if your child is willing shares stories with you.


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