Thrift Shop staff wrote funny labels for random items

Have you ever wondered what happens to the useless items that eventually disappear on the shelves of thrift stores? After a while you will most likely be kicked out. But in this shop they are celebrated in a hilarious way.

The treasure hunt of Thrift Shopping

If you are not a fan of thrift stores, you will miss incredible finds at even better prices. Many who shop sparingly can pick gems out of the rubble, like vintage wine glasses, beautiful clothes or seemingly priceless antiques. However, there are some things that end up in thrift stores that do not get nearly as much love.

Bored panda

Many people throw things in second-hand stores as they try to clean up the extra mess in their homes. This forces items that seem useless, such as random pendants, rusty old bells, dark candle holders, and more. While many of these items are neglected and eventually end up in the garbage, a second-hand store employee has decided to take the fate of these seemingly unnecessary items into their own hands.

That's honest genius

An Internet user named Nicole recently discovered a thrift store with some pretty funny notes associated with many of the unknown and less-needed items in the store. Sure, one of the employees was bored at work and felt the need to spice things up a bit. The result? A hilarious series of sales pitches that are absolutely irresistible.

nicole728 / Imgur

Throughout the store, things like old silverware and posthumous aftershave got hype they did not know they needed. Sure, these items could not possibly be sold alone. Nothing is impossible without a few hysterical and perfectly made notes!

Okay, I'll take one of everything

On a series of price tags, a funny employee wrote special notes for objects that would otherwise not be for sale. Is a tiny, glass, doll crib? "Crib for one for real little baby. "On a candlestick with ducks and ducklings?" Ducks with ducklings who can bear fire. "Seriously, someone has to give it Employee a salary increase.

nicole728 / Imgur

We can only imagine what other silly notes are scattered on the shelves of this clever store. If only every second-hand shop had such hilarious notes accompanies her most neglected items. They would never be able to keep their shelves in stock!


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