Throwback bridesmaid dresses are the most retro looks of all time

They say fashion trends repeat every 15 years. The following vintage bridesmaid dresses were probably the latest craze in their day, and they're also pretty entertaining in 2018. For the bridesmaids around the world, we hope these Crazy fashion trends will never be brought back to light.

Drown in flowers

The bride in white definitely stands out in this photo. While this pattern looks like it is usually reserved for sofas rather than clothes, the bride's commitment to flowers is really remarkable. In fact, the bouquets of the bridesmaids mingle beautifully, they look almost disguised, flower girl included.

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Frills for days

For all these pastels, this could have been an Easter wedding. The color-coordinated bouquets and dresses are really something else. The more traditional, conservative, long-sleeved look is definitely a long way from the bridal and bridesmaid dresses we normally see today. Also, what's the deal with all the hats?

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Pretty In Pink

In appearance, the hats of the bridesmaids were just as important as the dresses back then. The tapes also played a big role. At least these ladies have a little arm to show on the big day of their friends. To the bridesmaid on the far right we feel your pain.

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Swollen and proud

There's nothing like yards and soft pink ribbons to really bring the pink color of these bridesmaids dresses. While this bride may have chosen a smaller group to be her bridesmaids for the wedding party, the extra swollen shoulders will definitely compensate for it.

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So much fluff

Between the plain, satin-purple material and the fluffy white trim, these are Bridesmaids Clothes are for the books. Texture game on point, ladies. Kudos to you all for your friend and brideto be with these unique garments. With all this coverage you will not recover at least in the chapel.

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