Tinder New Diverse Couple Emoji Selection

Love has no limits. Given the growing popularity of using emojis for communication, it is crucial that the available pictograms are included. The love and dating Tinder spurred the creation of new interracial couples for all types of relationships. More than 50,000 supporters took part in a Tinder-created petition urging Unicode to turn interracial emojis into reality in 2019.

In the name of love

Prior to this year's release of the ever-diversified emoji offering, emojis, representing people of color and people with disabilities, were released to the public in 2015. After much outcry over the representation of non-heterosexual couples, more emojis were added.

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Oddly enough, the emojis representing interracial couples had to be created despite the increase in dates, marriages, and mixed race children. Emoji is a great way to convey the point in a text message or online post, and the visibility of all types of people and relationships is essential.

To make the first step

The dating app Tinder saw a huge need of users for improved visibility. The company also conducted a study that linked online dating and an increase in race pairs. In February 2018, Tinder launched its successful #represent campaign, which asked the Unicode consortium for inclusion.

Campaign US

Jenny Campbell, Tinder's CMO, commented, "Tinder advocates people's freedom to live and love those they love." More than 50,000 people signed Tinder's petition for over a year proving that all love deserves to be represented. People around the world have raised their voices in a concert effort and joined Tinder's campaign for new emojis.

Clutch celebrated

People got a glimpse of 230 different adorable people Emojis Celebrating love in all its forms. Finally, couples can choose an emoji that shows better how they love, depending on skin tone and gender.

Update NewZ

The released emojis show various couples holding hands, with a radiant smile and matching eyes. Love is different and wonderful – now new emojis can reflect that diversity and adjust that warm and blurry feeling.


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