Top 10 scientific reasons why marriages fail

No matter how much love a couple initially shares, some unions are not meant to be permanent. Although there are so many reasons why two love birds should stay together, there are some inevitable pitfalls for every married couple that must be overcome to make it last forever. Look at these eleven reasons why marriages are scientifically doomed to failure.

Move in before marriage
The Honey Moon phase of a relationship can give the feeling that you are ready to go all the way and move together. However, if two people do not know each other well enough, sharing the same space on a daily basis can lead to unavoidable problems and constant aggravation.

Bad communication
The key to a successful relationship is communication, and without it, no two people can maintain a positive and healthy relationship with each other.

Unequal or missing financial stability
Another important aspect of a marriage is financial stability. Whether it's mortgage or rent, car costs and other shared marriages, an equivalent status, or an equivalent contribution are essential to the longevity of a relationship.

Extramarital affairs
Nothing can ruin a marriage faster than infidelity. When a partner has an affair in a marriage, it can be almost unimaginable for the other to regain trust and respect for the guilty.


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