TSA dogs that were "too good" for work are for adoption

The TSA takes "do not shop" to a whole new level. An average of 140 dogs are in TSA training at all times, so it's not surprising that at least a few could not make the cut. In fact, about 83% of dogs complete the program. But what about the other 17%? Well, they are only to beautiful,

Who is a good boy?

TSA training dogs are trained seriously before being admitted to work. After all, they are responsible for discovering explosives and other illegal materials.


Some dogs just do not make the cut. This is where the TSA Canine Adoption Program comes into play.

school dropout

The puppies included in the adoption program are not necessarily "mistakes". Some are just too nice or have slept too much while working. The TSA Canine Adoption Program allows adoption of large dogs between the ages of two and four or those who are willing to retire. The most common breeds are German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, German Shorthairs, Wirehaired Pointers, Vizslas, Belgian Malinois and Golden Retrievers.


"These dogs are very active and in most cases untrained and not housebroken, but with proper training and care, they can be a great addition to families," says the program's website.

The new Furrever friend

After submitting their requests and receiving photos from the dogs adoptionPotential owners may meet with the failed puppies at the San Antonio-Lackland Joint Base in Texas. The TSA Canine Adoption Program is so successful that due to a long waiting list, it is currently not applying for adoption.


More than 100 dogs are trained each year, so applications will be reopened in the future. Would you like to adopt one of these furry types as your new one? friends friend?


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