Tumblr gets 5 of the most hugable dogs

Being able to play and interact with dogs is one of the simple but powerful pleasures of life. Loud Psychology todayThe psychological, sociological and physiological effects of pet ownership are so strong that they can play a causal role in reducing cardiovascular risk.

You do not have to own a dog to appreciate and enjoy it. And if you do not believe it, try looking through the pictures below without smiling.

Doggo's love can not grow

They say that dogs are the best friend of a man, and if there is ever a picture to demonstrate, it is this. As shown on Tumblr, although both the puppy and the child have grown significantly in size, they did in parallel proportions, the relationship between them remaining adorably the same.

Crydaisy / Tumblr / About toutlevin.tumblr.com

The dog who made the impossible possible

Many dogs spend a lot of time trying to achieve what seems impossible to them: to catch their own tail. But this very good boy resisted all odds and did – he showed that a puppy should not confine his dreams to simply chasing squirrels. That's a pretty awesome feat.


Generous dog shares his socks

Dogs will do anything to make us happy, even if it means sharing their dirty socks when they see that you are angry.

"I love my dog," explained a Tumblr user. "If I ever cry, he will collect dirty socks and bring them to me, they are his favorite thing in the world and they make him happy, so they will make me happy, he's a good boy."


Sheepdog takes duties very seriously

This shepherd dog shows how seriously he fulfills his duties when he has a whole flock of sheep in his owner's kitchen. Unfortunately, they went to the bathroom everywhere and caused chaos. But the dog's intentions were in the right place, and for that he deserves a hug (as well as the owner).


Unbreakable bond & # 39; to the end

If you're wondering what real love looks like, look no further. Meet Schoep, a 19-year-old dog suffering from arthritis. Every morning his owner John takes him to the lake because it helps to relieve his suffering Arthritis Pain and help him sleep. If that does not warm your heart and makes you embrace it dogWhat will happen?



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