Tumblr Tips: Real people share relationship tips to life

Relationships are unstable. One minute hot, the next cold. It can be an endless cycle of dissolving and catching up. The good folks at Tumblr have shared their most valuable relationship advice so you and your partner can travel through the honeymoon. Here is a summary of the best.

You are never too old to hold your hands

A Tumblr user shared "relationship goals." The middle-aged couple who sat in front of me on my plane ride today and had to sit side by side on two side corridors, but held their hands across the aisle during the takeoff and landing because the woman was nervous 18 or 80, They are not too old or too married to hold hands. If in doubt, pack it. It is a small gesture that will go a long way.

More than a goal

Ignore the haters

High Class Holmes shares: "To all relatives," friends "and random strangers who have told me since I was 16 that I grew too tall to carry clothes or find a husband at 6 & 3" who is willing to go out with a bigger girl than she: My 5 & 2 "girlfriend loves to wear clothes, thank you." Do not listen to voices outside of your relationship. Concentrate on making each other happy and finding someone to love you for.


Do not argue about the big stuff

Narwhal-Noir shares his experiences with his girlfriend on an improvisation show. "I took my girlfriend to an improvised show the other night, and during the break we passionately argued about whether half of a five-hour energy shot would bring in half an hour of energy for half an hour or five hours, so we turned around and asked Three people behind us and one of them said, "Are you all arguing because we heard you in the lobby when you fought the right way, Ei?" This proves that if your biggest argument concerns an energy drink, you're probably doing something right.


The couple who basks together stays together

Tumblr user, Wars Between Stars gives a solid example of what some may call co-sleeping. "My brother is friends with this girl, who works in the same place he works in. When she passes by our house, she goes straight to her room and they take a nap for a couple of hours, that's the kind of friendship that I want to have someday, anyway, they definitely did not take a nap. "


If they take your breath away

Starxapple shares one adorable story This proves that even if you are older and in a wheelchair, you can still get the breath out of you. "My grandfather has a date today and he's really old and in a wheelchair and has to carry his breathing apparatus around, but he sits there waiting for the hospice shuttle to pick him up and pick him up date and he looks super excited and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Update – he came home and I asked him how it went and he said I should have brought an extra oxygen tank because it took my breath away. "



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