Video from & # 39; Harry the Hippo & # 39; becomes viral for hilarious reasons

People love every video with animals. They make us laugh or sometimes weep, but the most popular virus videos usually affect animals. Social media users can not get enough of it, especially this 2011 viral video hippo in a zoo. What was he doing so funny? He gives gas. And it's as entertaining as it sounds, literally.

Meet Harry, the hippo

If fart was an Olympic sport, Harry would win the Hippo gold medal. In general, people find farting funny, but nobody expected this hippo to break wind so intricately. In the video below, you see Harry, the hippopotamus, slowly emerging from the water. When he gets ashore, he takes a break and lets go of one of the longest and loudest farts you've ever heard.

People could not help but laugh at the natural body function of humans and animals. But they did not stop. The video was uploaded to YouTube (by the user) curiositytube) in December 2011, so for seven years. The video has recently been reissued in social media and is now viewed by nearly 30 million internet users. Your comment is funny in itself.

Talk about "The Fart"

Harry the Hippo, now known as "Harry the Farting Hippo," has become an Internet sensation. The video of his gigantic fart spreads on social media. Several YouTube users have commented on the hilarity of the video. For example, a user (Tony Tomsaid the fart "sounds like a chainsaw faking a tree". Another user (ToasterBuster 123) said this happened to him "after eating two chipsot's with chilli".

The video was also distributed on Twitter. A user (@Artmanwilly) commented, "What could be more substantial than seeing Harry the Farting Hippo first thing in the morning?" People love the timely fart so that it continues to spread on social media. The internet can be a strange place, but people at least associate themselves with their love for funny videos.


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