Video of the photographer about plastic pollution endangered turtles

Our planet has a plastic problem. The environmental degradation caused by the accumulation of plastics in the oceans and other waterways has seriously endangered the natural wildlife. In Honduras, a photographer wanted to capture the plight of sea turtles in a plastic overwhelmed world. The shocking shots she took have become viral.

Too young to live

Caroline Power, a photographer based in Roatan, Honduras, documented and rescued endangered baby hawksbill turtles plastic pollution, The waste that accumulates in Roatan can not be compared to the Greater Pacific Garbage Patch, but it poses a significant threat to endangered endangered species such as the loggerhead turtle.

Caroline Power photography

Caroline Power can not speak for herself and captures the plight of endangered turtles struggling in a plastic-flooded habitat. Many young turtles confuse plastic garbage as food and thereby shorten their life expectancy. While filming sea turtles on their way to the sea, Caroline had to free some of the turtles that were in obstacles like plastic rings or empty snack containers.

Dangers of a plastic diet

In a sea turtle, even a part of the captured plastic can be deadly. Younger sea turtles are at an increased risk of perishing after consuming plastic, and the risk is 50% after being reduced to 14 parts. Photographer Caroline Powers is touched by the threats that threaten the survival of endangered sea turtles, as sea turtles can not wake anything, including poisonous plastic.

Story Trender

Photography and documentary are powerful tools to show how much plastic affects wildlife and creates a planetary imbalance. The amount of plastics in the waterways has impaired the ability of sea turtles and other marine life to reach maturity for reproductive use. Considering that sea turtles have a healthy sex life and can live for decades, plastics fertilize the herd.

Endangering a species

Studies have suggested that half of the turtle population has eaten plastic and the problem will not disappear. Marine biologist Sandra Hochscheid commented: "We need to use less plastic and change …"

Caroline Power photography

Caroline Power believes the plastic problem in Roatan is caused by plastics flowing from the Motagua River and other waterways in Honduras and Guatemala. Humans need to understand the impact of their lifestyle and their consumer choices on wildlife, and reduce their dependency on single-use disposable plastics. At the end of 2018 an exclusive video of "Baby Turles Struggle to Swim Through" was broadcast in the NowThis News Pasty contamination in Honduras "had nearly six million views since March 2019.


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