Viking Sword moved out of the lake by 8-year-old Swedish girl

If you're a fan of Arthurian Legends, Monty Python, or archeology, you'll love this story. An eight-year-old girl brought an old sword from Vidostern Lake, Sweden, while she was playing near her family's hut.

The sword in the lake

What would you do if you manage to pull a sword out of the dark depths of a lake? When she came to the eight-year saga, she received praise and the honor of being Sweden's queen. Although the eight-year-old is still a little young to rule a country, Saga's talent has sparked much interest.


Although there have been many Saga online supporters who have become Sweden's newest ruler, the country's current political system has not diminished.

Older than the age of the Vikings

It is an exciting experience to witness the artifacts of the past that date back to the present. Saga had first thought her underwater find was a strange stick. But when she saw the handle and the pointed end, Saga knew that she had indeed found a sword


When Andy Vanecek was unsure what his daughter Saga pulled out of the water, he quickly sought help from experts. After consulting with neighbors, Andy and Saga were instructed to contact the Jonkoping County Museum.

A priceless artifact

The sword was in a fragile state as its years underwater had caused much rust. The gun was barely three feet long and still in its wooden scabbard. The handle of the blade was still wrapped in leather.


As the researchers for the first time on the ancient artifactThey assumed that the weapon was from the time of the Vikings. After further investigation, however, they found that the sword could precede the Vikings. The weapon was thought to be closer to 1500 years old.

Although pulling the swords out of the water does not automatically give you power, it's unbelievable how Saga made them discovery,


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